Aerospace Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) RTCA DO-160 Pre-Compliance Testing

We conduct EMC pre-compliance testing to assist our Aerospace customers in identifying potential EMC problems. By concentrating on risk areas and swiftly resolving issues discovered during electromagnetic compatibility testing, we cost-effectively accomplish this. As a result, our process saves our customers that manufacture consumer electronics time and money because it requires less effort and money than a standard compliance test phase.

EMC issues with components used in aerospace are affected by shielding, filtering, grounding, and bonding. Implementing up-front design principles on printed circuit boards should be prioritized, paying close attention to specifics like noise sources and potential victim circuits. The design of high-speed interfaces should involve both EMC and high-speed specialist resources from Compatible-Electronics to ensure that these interfaces meet EMC and hardware channel/interface requirements. High-speed interfaces are a big concern. One of our specialties is getting EMC and High-speed to operate together.

Important information regarding our pre-compliance testing for aerospace EMC:

We swiftly identify hardware, software, and systems EMC concerns.

By comprehending the physics, we identify the underlying cause and resolve electromagnetic compatibility problems during the same EMC test period.

We repeat tests to make sure there is enough design margin and to verify improvements.

Our aerospace clients confidently advance to the EMC compliance test phase.

Our customers frequently save at least one product design iteration by concentrating on the risk areas and doing Aerospace EMC testing in a shorter time.

We offer a complete line-up of EMC troubleshooting tools to find the failure’s cause as EMC difficulties are discovered. In addition, we have many component kits on hand in addition to our EMC tools, allowing us to develop solutions swiftly.


With our 4 Open Area Test Sites (OATS) and 8 Semi Anechoic Facilities, we can accommodate on short notice, typically less than five days. We welcome our customers to witness the EMC testing of their product; having 3 locations in the Southern California area reduces the commute time for our customers.

All our EMC testing laboratories comply with domestic and international standards related to EMC testing facilities. We are an ISO/IEC 17025 accredited company.

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Compatible Electronics is one of the most experienced testing and consulting companies, making us an ideal choice for all your aerospace testing needs. Our technicians, engineers, and specialists help fortify air travel and examine the range of electrical challenges to airborne vehicles and equipment. We can create a personalized EMC test plan to meet your needs. By trusting Compatible Electronics with your aerospace EMC testing, you can be confident you will receive an accurate analysis for dependable results.

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