Alarm Systems

Alarm Systems Product Family Standard

Looking at the European EMC Directive, the product family standard for Alarm systems varies from other product family standards in that it provides the EMC immunity requirements applicable to Alarm Systems but does not include the emissions requirements. As the EMC Directive requires both emissions and Immunity compliance, other appropriate standards will need to be applied to cover the unwanted emission aspects of the directive. In most cases, this is typically done by applying the generic emissions standard applicable to the intended environment.

EN (European Norm) 50130-4 is titled Alarm Systems – Part 4: Electromagnetic Compatibility – Product Family Standard: Immunity requirements for components of fire, intruder and social alarm systems. This standard is part of the EN 50130 series of standards which is intended to give the requirements applicable to alarm systems in general (e.g. the EMC immunity requirements, in this case). The following series of European Standards are intended to give the other requirements (e.g. performance requirements), which are applicable to the specific types of alarm systems:

  • EN 50131, Alarm Systems – Intrusion Alarm Systems

  • EN 50132, Alarm Systems – CCTV surveillance systems

  • EN 50133, Alarm Systems – Access control systems

  • EN 50134, Alarm systems – Social Alarm systems

  • EN 50135, Alarm Systems – Hold-up alarm systems

  • EN 50136, Alarm Systems – Alarm transmission systems

  • EN 50137, Alarm Systems – Combined or integrated alarm systems

  • EN 54, Fire detection and fire alarm systems

The applicable versions are listed on EMC Directive list of harmonized standards published on the European Commission web site.

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