EN 55013 CISPR 13

Sound and television broadcast receivers and associated equipment.

Published: July 4th, 2023

This standard BS EN 55013:2013+A1:2016 Sound and television broadcast receivers and associated equipment.

  • The electromagnetic radiation emitted by radio and television receivers, and other devices used for the reception of broadcast and similar broadcasts, is covered by this International Standard. From 9 kHz all the way up to 400 GHz, the spectrum is covered.

  • When no restrictions are placed on frequency, there is no need to take any measurements.

In the case of group receiving systems, specifically:

  • cable distribution head ends (Community Antenna Television, CATV);

  • community reception systems (Master Antenna Television, MATV)

are covered by IEC 60728‑2 .

Technology intended for use with a television broadcast receiver is not covered, including ITE.

Broadcast receivers with a telecommunication port are governed by CISPR 22 since they are designed to be connected to a communications network.

In addition, the broadcast reception functions, which are separate from the telecommunication function, are turned off before any measurements are taken at the telecommunication port.

The performance of PC tuner cards is evaluated in accordance with the applicable provisions of this standard.

This standard establishes limitations for the control of disturbance from such equipment and describes suitable measurement methods for sound and television receivers or associated equipment.

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EN 55013

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