EN/IEC 61204-3

Low-voltage switch mode power supplies – Part 3: Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC)

This part of IEC 61204 specifies the electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) requirements for power supply units (PSUs) that provide d.c. output(s) up to 200 V at a power level up to 30 kW operating from A.C. or D.C. source voltages of up to 600 V.

This standard covers free standing power supplies as well as component power supplies which are part of a larger unit if provided with adequate electrical and mechanical protection. Many power supplies can be defined as a component of larger devices which may be covered by different EMC Product Family standards, so a classification of various power supplies and the applicability of relevant standards is listed in items 1 and 2 below. There are additional guidelines of classification described in Appendix A of the document.

  • Individual apparatus (PSUs) intended for free standing operation or stand-alone units

  • Component Power Supplies (which can be divided into two categories)

    • Component Power Supplies considered as equivalent to apparatus e.g., PSUs sold to the general public or used for installations where no further EMC testing is anticipated but not including PSUs sold for repair or as a spare which have been tested as part of an overall equipment.

    • Component Power Supplies intended for a professional installer/assembler. These do not perform in themselves a direct function for the user of the end product. This category of Power supplies should only use this standard as an aid to specify relevant EMC requirements so that various end product family standards may be met. Further EMC tests of the final assembly should be applied in this case.

EN/IEC 61204-3 is allocated the level of a Product Family standard and is part of a regulatory compliance plan needed to show compliance to the EU EMC Directive, 2014/30/EU.

For more information regarding EN/IEC 61204-3, and other testing requirements, please contact Compatible Electronics, Inc.

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