Service Quality


Our Philosophy & Policy for Service Quality

Compatible Electronics is in the business of providing service to the Electronics Industry. Our goal is to help our customers prosper. Therefore, we are completely customer-driven. Our customer’s requirement is our priority. Our mission is to thoroughly satisfy the needs of our customers with timely, expert service…


To summarize this goal, we have a very straightforward motto.

“Helping You Meet Your Market Window”

Our Services Are Available To All

We maintain a policy of providing our services without discrimination or delay regardless of client, client company size, association or group memberships

To this end, our supporting elements and key areas of focus are:

Involvement of all staff in ongoing quality improvement.

A quality assurance team with a technical background.

Training all staff as appropriate to handle their job responsibilities.

Integrated teamwork in all functional areas, and at all organizational levels.

We maintain our service offerings as distinctly separate functions. The same personnel that would perform certification activities, would not be associated with the testing or any form of consulting service. To understand this better, please download this IECEE power point presentation.