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Test & Control Plans

Don’t get stuck in an endless loop of testing – modifying – testing – modifying…

By the time the product finally makes it through the testing process, it may already be obsolete!

The first step in the testing process, test planning and control, is an important aspect of the overall goal of meeting testing objectives. It is often overlooked, but vital in assisting project managers in guiding the project throughout the testing phase of development.

Knowing what tests to perform, establish testing criteria, operation and performance criteria, test configuration, order of tests, and specific goals and objectives should be the foundation of your testing program.

We can provide suggestions in developing your EMC test and/or control plans in accordance with common well established industry standards. By determining your goals, we can assist in identifying the particular industry standards designed to help meet your objectives.

Aspects of a good test plan may include;

  • Scope
  • Strategy
  • Requirements
  • Schedule
  • Procedures
  • Operational configuration and functions
  • Responsibilities and Resources
  • Testing criteria
  • Performance criteria
  • Suspension / Exit Criteria
  • Resumption Criteria
  • Dependencies
  • Documentation and deliverables
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