Wireless Device Compliance Testing

With our numerous compliance test facilities located throughout the Southland…

Compatible Electronics is the largest commercial wireless testing and certification body in Southern California. Our state-of-the-art equipment ensures we have the tools and resources necessary to get your wireless approvals completed with a quick turnaround time.

Our test engineers at Compatible Electronics have dozens of years of experience in wireless testing and certification. We routinely perform wireless compliance testing for many of the major economies such as the United States, Canada, Europe and Australia.
Compatible Electronics is a fully accredited and recognized Telecommunications Certification Body (TCB) for all your FCC wireless testing and certification needs.

All of our many wireless testing laboratories comply with domestic and international standards related to wireless testing facilities. We are an ISO/IEC 17025 accredited company.

What is wireless device testing?

Wireless testing involves assessing that the device meets the government-specified performance of products incorporating wireless technologies like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and cellular connectivity. Wireless testing ensures wireless devices don’t interfere with one another and are safe to use. This testing procedure is also called EMI (electromagnetic interference) or EMC (electromagnetic compatibility) testing.

Why your product needs wireless device testing?

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) requires proper authorization of all radio frequency (RF) devices before they’re sold in the US. Other countries like Canada, Europe and Australia have similar governing bodies that require authorization of wireless devices.

A device must be tested by an ISO 17025 accredited lab and certified by a Telecommunication Certification Body (TCB). The testing process ensures devices comply with FCC rules, such as human RF exposure limits and hearing aid compatibility with wireless handsets, and will not cause harmful interference. There are two authorization methods, depending on the device:

  • Certification: The most rigorous approval process, which requires testing by a TCB. After testing, information is posted on a public database.

  • Supplier’s Declaration of Conformity (SDoC): While this procedure does not require an equipment authorization application or the posting of data in a commission database, the responsible party must still submit a test report.

Products from many markets require testing, such as automotives, industrial and household appliances and more. Failure to undergo proper testing procedures results in risks like imprisonment, monetary fines, product recalls and replacements and suspension of sales.

About wireless device testing from Compatible Electronics

Compatible Electronics is an authorized TCB that offers certification according to FCC rules. Our testing facility includes all the necessary equipment to perform wireless testing on-site: For example:

  • Measuring receivers

  • Directional couplers

  • Notch filters

  • Power meter

  • Frequency counter

  • RF switch

  • Low noise amps

Our laboratory is certified according to ISO/IEC 17025 standards, meaning we are a reliable device testing service. Our laboratories undergo regular inspections to ensure you meet operational standards. If you need EMI/EMC wireless device safety testing, the test engineers at Compatible Electronics can certify your device functions properly before you offer your product to the market.

Benefits of our service

For professional and reliable wireless device testing, come to Compatible Electronics. The benefits of working with us include:

  • Quick turnaround times: When making a product, you want to bring it to market quickly. Compatible Electronics operates efficiently to test your product and offer the proper certifications.

  • More certifications: Currently, TCBs do grant more certifications than the FCC, making us your best choice for compliance testing.

  • Long-term relationships: If you need a reliable source for testing, we continue to focus on up-to-date knowledge to serve customers for years.

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EMI/EMC compliance testing for wireless devices ensures your product operates per standards. We’ll confirm your product does not create interference or violate other government rules the USA as well as some other countries. Compatible Electronics’ efficient testing process allows you to bring products to market faster.

If you’re looking for a wireless testing company in southern California, please contact us.

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