Audio, Video, and Lighting

Audio, Video, Audio-Visual and Entertainment Lighting Control apparatus for professional use Product Family Standard

This family of products is now encompassed within the MME product family

EN (European Norm) 55103-1 Part 1: Emissions and EN 55103-2 (Part 2: Immunity) encompass the product family of Audio, Video, Audio-Visual and Entertainment lighting control apparatus for Professional Use.

Many people get confused when they see these standards since they think, “I have an Audio or video or lighting control product so therefore this standard must be applicable.” They are often incorrect. This product family standard is very specific in that it covers products intended for professional use and which are not intended for sale to the general public. An example of a product that would fall into the family of these standards would be professional entertainment lighting control apparatus as defined in section 3.6 of EN 55103-1:2009. The definition of which is: “Professional apparatus producing electrical control signals for controlling the intensity, colour, nature or direction of the light from a luminaire, where the intention is to create artistic effects in theatrical, television or musical productions and visual presentations.”

The applicable versions are listed on EMC Directive list of harmonized standards published on the European Commission web site. See our European Directives section for links.

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