Multimedia Equipment (MME)

With respect to Electromagnetic Compatibility, Multimedia Equipment is a group or “family” of product, which include devices categorized as Information Technology Equipment or Sound and Television Broadcast Receivers and Associated Equipment under CISPR 22 / 25 and CISPR 13 / 20 respectively. The definition also includes audio equipment, video equipment, entertainment lighting, or any combination of the above for personal or professional use.

Such equipment often includes one or more of the following functions;

  • Display and Display output, print, scan

  • Audio processing, musical tone generation

  • Reception of broadcast signals

  • Signal processing, data storage, networking

  • Telephony

The MME definition applies to low voltage equipment, below 600V rated supply.

Standards related to MME are listed on the EMC Directive list of harmonized standards published on the European Commission web site. Refer European Directives links.


CISPR 32 / EN 55032

CISPR 35 / EN 55035

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