Part 1: Safety Requirements

Part 1: Safety Requirements

Published: July 6th, 2023

Principle Objective of IEC 62368-1:

  • This is a product safety standard that classifies energy sources, prescribes safeguards against those energy sources, and provides guidance on the application of, and requirements for, those safeguards.

  • The prescribed safeguards are intended to reduce the likelihood of pain, injury and in the case of fire, property damage.

  • These safeguards are for ordinary persons, instructed persons, and skilled persons.

Scope of IEC 62368-1:

This standard covers the safety of electrical and electronic equipment within the field of audio, video, information and communication technology, and business and office machines with a rated voltage not exceeding 600 V.

Types of equipment within the scope of this standard:

  • Banking equipment

  • Consumer electronic equipment (including professional audio, video and musical instrument equipment)

  • Data and text processing machines and associated equipment

  • Data network equipment

  • Electrical and electronic retail equipment

  • Electrical and electronic office machines

  • Other information technology equipment

  • Postage equipment

  • Telecommunication network infrastructure equipment

  • Telecommunication terminal equipment

Note: This list is not intended to be all-inclusive, and equipment that is not listed is not necessarily excluded from the scope.

This standard is also applicable to:

  • components and subassemblies intended for incorporation in this equipment. Such components and subassemblies need not comply with every requirement of the standard, provided that the complete equipment, incorporating such components and subassemblies, does comply;

  • external power supply units intended to supply other equipment within the scope of this part of IEC 62368;

  • accessories intended to be used with equipment within the scope of this part of IEC 62368.

This standard does not apply to power supply systems which are not an integral part of the equipment, such as motor-generator sets, battery backup systems and distribution transformers.

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