EMI And EMC Compliance Testing

From our beginnings in FCC and VDE testing and a single lab in Brea, California…

Compatible Electronics has evolved into one of the biggest and most experienced testing and consulting companies in California. All this experience has made us keenly aware of your EMC/EMI needs.

All open field sites (OATS) are in low ambient areas, which is ideal for radiated emissions testing.

With our 10 Open Area Test Sites (OATS) and 7 Semi Anechoic Facilities we are able to accommodate on very short notice, typically within a few days. With so many facilities, chances are one is close to you. We welcome our customers to witness the EMC testing of their product, by having many locations conveniently distributed across the Southern California area the commute time for our customer is greatly reduced.

All our EMC testing laboratories comply with domestic and international standards related to EMC testing facilities. We are an ISO/IEC 17025 accredited company.

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