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It Is Often Necessary In The Course Of Product Development To Identify Potential Problems Before It's Too Late…

Compatible Electronics offers comprehensive design services in Southern California. Through this process, you can get the expert perspective of a company with over 35 years of experience in product testing and certification.

We can create an electronic device that functions well and meets certification standards. Let us help you during the early stages so that you can save time and bring your product to market faster.

The need for design review services

Design review services predict potential risks and failures with specific products or parts. Seeking these services can allow your electronics company to cut costs and production times, as reviewers can spot potential problems and offer solutions before you begin production.

Design reviews typically follow a set process to ensure that you get a thorough review of your design every time. Design review may include:

  • Physical tests: If you have a prototype of your electronic product, a design review checks the preliminary design.

  • Engineering simulations: We perform these tests on a computer model to determine whether the design would function as intended.

  • Examinations or walk-throughs: This final component involves reviewing the product design and prototypes to make necessary changes.

Compatible Electronics design review services

Compatible Electronics provides design review services to assess the design of your product and provide EMI/EMC design solutions. We don’t design products, and it’s essential to understand that our design review is not intended to give advice or suggestions on the general design of the product or to redesign your product to comply with a particular requirement. The focus of our design review is to provide you with the knowledge and tools you need to achieve your goals. This knowledge is based on well-established common practices.

We Can Provide:

  • A description of product construction

  • A statement as to why the particular construction may not be acceptable

  • References to the appropriate requirement by citing applicable standards, sub-clauses or published interpretation decision sheets on the matter

  • Suggestions of appropriate alternative(s), and/or any action that may be required of your design team

Benefits of design review from Compatible Electronics

Compatible Electronics offers various perks to electronics producers seeking review services. Some top reasons to choose us for design review include:

  • Cost savings: Seeking design review allows you to address potential issues with your product before beginning production.

  • Quicker production: Design review may save you from multiple rounds of prototypes by pointing out the exact areas for improvement.

EMI/EMC design training

Another effective way to ensure that products meet requirements is through an EMI/EMC design seminar.. Compatible Electronics hosts these informational seminars to provide project managers, engineers and technicians with design tools and knowledge. We cover the basics of EMI/EMC design or more specified offerings, such as the process needed to meet particular product requirements in North America or the European Union.

EMI/EMC design training works well with design review. While you seek outside aid through design review, you can also equip your team with the tools to resolve issues before the design stage.

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Design review allows you to find potential issues in a design and streamline the process before beginning production. Your business can seek a third-party opinion before performing further work on a product. Compatible Electronics can help you improve your products from the start.

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