Problem Mitigation

Despite Efforts To Prevent Them, Sometimes Problems Come Up…

It could be that your device is causing undesired operation of equipment nearby, or you’re experiencing strange and unexpected inter-system behavior.

The point of compliance testing is to gather the confidence that the product will perform as intended when placed into service.

It has been said that one test is worth a thousand expert opinions. When you have a problem, and need assistance in identifying the source of that problem, testing can be the most efficient means to achieve that goal. Whether it’s in our state of the art laboratories, at your facilities, or on site, we have the equipment and expert test engineers available to meet your needs.

Some of our services include;

  • Provide engineering testing service in our laboratory

  • Go on site to investigate the problem in the intended operating environment

  • Identify or develop testing methods to help investigate the problem

  • Identify potential sources and root cause of the problem

  • Help your design team determine practical and cost effective solutions

  • Perform batch or sample testing

  • Assist with “A/B” comparisons

  • Provide engineering test reports to document activities

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