Regulatory Research

It Can Be A Daunting Task To Identify Requirements Of A Particular Region Or Market You Intend To Target…

Understanding the requirements of these markets early on will help your team make better decisions during the design and development process.

We can assist in identifying industry requirements that are applicable to your product, given the intended target market. Many regulations make use of international standards that may share common tests or requirements. By understanding and identifying these requirements, tests can often be performed in such a way as to avoid potential redundant and costly re-testing.

Our research includes;

  • Links to or identification of the particular rules and regulation

  • Cross reference to equivalent or alternative international standards

  • Identification of applicable test limits

  • Guidance on establishing performance criteria

  • Information on spectrum allocation

  • Identification of permitted uses for a given spectrum band

  • Information on labeling requirements

  • Documentation requirements

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